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Picture of the MSB430H board (c) Freie Universität Berlin


The firmware was developed for the MSB430H platform from the Freie Universität Berlin. The platform is based on the Texas Instruments MSP430 microcontroller. The core of the firmware supports simple cooperative multitasking. Idle time is spent in the LPM3 Low Power Mode. Furthermore this software supports features such as accessing FAT16 formatted SD cards, tickles software Real Time Clock, precise programmable software timers, and watchdog state retention across system resets.

The Skomer Island application built on top focuses on data acquisition and logging. It consists mainly of drivers for attached peripheral devices and logging engine.
Selected Features:
  • Built in 1-wire bus support (provides precise timers in µs range)
    • Driver for 1-wire DS1904 Real Time Clock
    • Driver for 1-wire DS1923 Temperature and Humidity Data Logger
  • Driver for SD Card with FAT16 support
  • Driver for a RFID Reader realized as software UART which leverages hardware TimerB
  • Hardware UART configured to receive data in LPM3
  • Built in bootloader support
  • Support for local and remote commands. New commands can be easily defined with predefined macros.
  • Tickles software timers and real time clock implementation

The aplication and operating system independent Bootloader is compatible with the MSB430H board from the Freie Universität Berlin. It can be easily modified to work with any other MSP430 microcontroller based platform.

The Bootloader executes every time a node is turned on or reset. It is able to flash new application to the MSP430F1612 microcontroller using an update file from any SD Card formatted with FAT16 file system. Updates are stored on the SD Card as regular HEX files. The bootloader can be configured using a simple text-based configuration file that’s also stored on the SD card.


The sources of the firmware and the bootloader can be found in the download area.


This software is provided as reference only. Not all libraries required to compile the entire application are included in this release. Also, only the data sensing application was made available, since it contains all relevant features: the core of the firmware, hardware drivers and the application logic.

The bootloader was released with all files required to compile.

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